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We Want A Health Care Overhaul

Been to the doctor lately? What about a recent surgery? Even if you haven't, simply paying your health insurance premiums will be enough for you to understand how expensive health related costs have become. In fact, the premiums for family health insurance increased from $1,275 in 1996 to $2,890, and for single coverage, from $342 in 1996 to $788 in 2006. For those of you without insurance, cost is most likely the reason. This is the primary reason why more than 80 percent of Americans feel our health system is due for, excuse our choice of words, a stick of dynamite. What's more, 32 percent of Americans agree that the health system is in need of an overhaul while 50 percent believe it would require a fundamental change. Only 16 percent of adults believe the health care system works relatively well with only minor changes needed. With these staggering cost increases, a 16 percent satisfaction rate and close to 50 million Americans uninsured, what exactly are we waiting for?

Source: Harris Interactive Poll. August 7, 2008.